Discover the easy way to protect your entire

home or office from viruses, bacteria and mold

Harness the Germicidal Power of UV-C Light to Kill Bacteria & Viruses in Your Air

What if you could turn your entire HVAC system into a giant air purifier?

What if you could kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores in your recirculated air?

Turn Your HVAC System into the Ultimate Whole-House Air Purifier with UV-C Germicidal Lights.

No air purifier is as powerful as your existing HVAC system.

Add UV-C light units to your coil and airstream and circulate clean air to every room of the house.

Hospitals have long been using ultraviolet light air purification systems to neutralize germs and enhance air quality, INCLUDING ELIMINATING COVID FROM ROOMS AND MASKS.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Reduce Bacteria and Mold

More Efficient AC System

A critical element for a healthy house

Air conditioners can contain mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria which can cause serious home health hazards.

Installing a UV light air purification system can help to eradicate these unhealthy elements from your home and create healthy indoor air quality.

Because UV light destroys viruses, microbes and mold spores , your loved ones will be less prone to colds and flu, and anecdotal reports indicate that allergy symptoms can be greatly reduced.

UV lights may also be helpful for those with respiratory problems, asthma and COPD because they neutralize VOCs that can irritate the throat and lungs.

The lights also keep your air conditioner clean, so the unit will be more effective and efficient.

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  • Increased protection from mold, bacteria and viruses?

  • A more efficient air conditioner?

  • Reduced allergies?

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